The chief executive officer of Sun Microsystems said that consumer privacy issues are a “red herring.”
“You have zero privacy anyway,” Scott McNealy told a group of reporters and analysts Monday night at an event to launch his company’s new Jini technology.
“Get over it.”

“Privacy is dead, get over it” are the infamous words uttered by Scott McNealy the former CEO of Sun Microsystems.

In large part he is right, unless we completely disconnect from the Internet, our privacy is simply not protected.

Nor will it likely be protected in the future.

The ability of computers to aggregate and gather data from huge varieties of sources has largely eliminated the ability for us to maintain our privacy.

We are only left with security through obscurity.   That the world’s 1 billion Internet users simply won’t find us interesting enough to do harm.

There is hope…

By educating our students and children to take charge of their online reputation now so that the world only sees the best (or better) side of us, we can exert some control on how we are viewed by the online world.

This parent talk will focus on the social media tools that students use today, how they use them and how we can help educate them on the joys of protecting their reputations going forward.

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