An EARCOS Pre-conference Workshop

Topic: Visual Thinking and Literacy

Title: Going Visual: Reaching Today’s Students with Image and Auditory Articulation

Description: The elements of visual language are becoming the fundamental grammar of visual message composition.
In our media-saturated culture and the new “attention economy”, communication occurs just as much through images as through text. Data visualizations and graphics enhance our understanding of complex information as they draw upon our native ability to translate visual patterns and cues;
In this workshop we will share student examples and teaching strategies that will enhanced students’ ability to think visually, and communicate ideas in visual ways.

Focus Question: What knowledge and skills are required to effectively learn and teach using visual media?

Michael Lambert Coupled with a heart for the Greater China community, Michael currently teaches middle school in Shanghai and previously taught at Hong Kong International School.Michael is an Apple Distinguished Educator, serves on the 2011 K12 Horizon Report Advisory Board and teaches workshops on media literacy throughout Asia.   Michael has written several articles related to visual literacy.Along with his passion for teaching, he brings a background in cognitive science and project-based learning. Even after 25 years of teaching in Asia, Michael still maintains a childlike wonder and curiosity.


Michael Boll is an Apple Distinguished Educator and works as a technology coach and middle school instructor at Concordia International School in Shanghai, China. His web presence can be found at his teaching website,, andh his popular podcast about autism:


As a Technology Coach, Michael is an enthusiastic designer and presenter of professional development workshops.  However, Michael understands that some of the best coaching is done in a one-to-one situation.
Michael enjoys working with distracted students and offering them, and their parents, systems and strategies to help them function more effectively in a busy school environment.

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