• The development of a communication revolution
    1. Case studies (may change based on world events)
      1. Arab Spring
      2. Joseph Kony
      3. “Friday” by Rebecca Black
    2. The long tail model
  • Digital citizenship and you
    1. Different points of view
      1. Get over it, privacy is dead
      2. You can protect yourself online
        1. Privacy
    2. Leaving a digital trail
      1. Students
      2. Teachers and other adults
    3. Ethical framework
      1. Models from various organizations
      2. Creating a model for your school
      3. Creating a model for your classroom
  • The emergence of Internet “tribes”
    1. Creating your own tribes
    2. Finding others
    3. Distributing your content
  • The development of next century skills
    1. Moving beyond teacher to student only communication
    2. Collaboration and the communication revolution
    3. Moving outside of your communication circle into other points of view
      1. Appropriate v. inappropriate points of view
    4. Creativity, innovation and self-direction