The Horizon Report has agreed to bring  a report that details the 1-5 year outlook on the use of technology in international schools in Asia.

From their website:

The NMC Horizon Project, as the centerpiece of the NMC Emerging Technologies Initiative, charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, research, creative inquiry, and information management. Launched in 2002, it epitomizes the mission of the NMC to help educators and thought leaders across the world build upon the innovation happening at their institutions by providing them with expert research and analysis.

Bringing the Horizon Report to Asia lets us focus on:

  • Technology use trends 3-5 years out.
  • Understanding of what trends are driving technology in our sector right now
  • Understanding of the challenges faced in our sector
  • A 3-5 year outlook of emerging trends and technologies


processThe Process of Creating a Horizon Report

The process involves three different groups:


Partners fund the report, receive recognition in the report, are mentioned in blog posts, revered at presentations, set the timeframe for the report, etc.  They also play a role in future reports.

Partners  help with funding the report.  The total cost of a horizon report is $50,000 USD.

Benefits to partners include:

  • Selection of four experts to contribute to the report (supporting organizations receive one)
  • Logo placement on the cover of the report
  • Logo placement and recognition as part of any presentation or press release
  • The chance to lead and create a single report setting out the most likely technology trends in our area for the next 3-5 years.
  • A reflective process that can be continued on a regular basis
  • Early opportunity to become a partner for subsequent reports.
  • Partner members are seen as thought-leaders and innovators in our sector.


Experts are a group of 40-50 people from various disciplines, industry, interests, gender etc.  Experts contribute to the  the Wiki format setup by NMC, comment on articles and thoughts, and participate in a voting process that determines what trends will go into the report.

Time commitment for each expert is about 4-5 hours.   Active experts will have an opportunity to contribute to future reports.

NMC does the “heavy lifting” for the report.  They write the draft version, solicit feedback from the partners and experts, then write the final draft.  They also help promote it.


The report will be released at the beginning of October during the Learning 2.014 conference at NIST in Bangkok, Thailand.

Working backwards from that date, the timeline looks like this:

  • February- March: Partner groups are finalized
  • April-May: Expert group members are recruited and finalized
  • June-August: experts, with guidance from NMC, collaborate on the content of the report.  This is done via the NMC wiki
  • August, September:  NMC works to compile and write the final report.   Drafts of the report are circulated among the experts and partners for comment.
  • October: Report is released to great fanfare.


Costs to produce the report are $50,000 USD.  This covers NMC’s direct costs and allows them to provide:

  • Background research
  • Collaboration tools
  • Writing the report
  • Report distribution,
  • Press releases and press coverage
  • Social media coverage

Division of Costs

  • Partner schools :  $5000-$7000 USD
  • Supporting Organizations: $1000 USD

Current Partner Schools

Current Partner Organizations

Meet Up

Interested parties should plan to have one or more representatives available for an informal meet-up and valueable face time.

Interested?  Questions?  Please feel free to send me an email. (Michael.Boll@ConcordiaShanghai.org)